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Accelerated Reference Alignment Mapping Tool

What's in the box matters

Rips through your next gen data burden; Devours full sequencer runs of data in mere minutes.

TimeLogic’s VelociMapper® is our powerful new accelerated alignment tool for mapping data from next-generation DNA sequencing systems. VelociMapper® runs on TimeLogic’s newest FPGA-based DeCypher® J-Series Similarity Search Engine Accelerator to provide fast and reliable results that significantly outperform software-only or GPU-accelerated alternatives.

Please contact us today for customized performance benchmarks so you can assess the benefits of our solution.

VelociMapper® Advantages:

  • Faster than Burrows-Wheeler (BWT) based short read mapper algorithms like BWA, Bowtie, and SOAPaligner/soap2. Process a full Illumina MiSeq run in under 2 minutes.
  • High sensitivity with support for up to 7 mismatches and/or indels with no performance penalty. Produces sensitive Smith-Waterman gapped alignments.
  • Adjustable speed and sensitivity with configurable lookup values, and quality filtering
  • Supports both single and paired end reads.
  • Easily handles human and other large eukaryotic reference genomes with a low memory footprint.
  • Reliable support for common FASTQ and BAM formats compatible with auxiliary tools like SAMtools and GATK.
  • Produces sorted BAM file as output.