SNP / Oligo Matching

Comparing short sequences to a genome database is important for minimizing non-specific hybridization in microarray probe design. Tera-Probe™ offers significant advantages compared to other oligo search methods.

Tera-Probe combines the performance of Tera-BLAST with efficient Smith-Waterman alignment methods to identify oligonucleotide sequences across a genome. Tera-Probe surpasses NCBI BLAST sensitivity and matches Smith-Waterman results, yet offers much greater throughput.

Our DeCypher® systems can run Tera-Probe faster than thousands of CPU cores running Smith-Waterman, making these solutions ideal for research teams mapping SNP databases, designing microarray probes, and designing RNA interference experiments.

Related Scientific Citations

Below is a short list of some recent DeCypher citations for SNP or Oligo Matching applications. For the complete list, please visit our citations page here.

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