Agricultural Genomics

Genome sequencing consortia and annotation projects continue to add to the list of completed plant genomes. The considerable size and complexity of these genomes requires the latest technology for data analysis. TimeLogic's sequence comparison tools provide the capability to accelerate annotation of plant genomes and comparative agricultural genomics.

Related Scientific Citations

Below is a short list of some recent DeCypher citations for Agricultural Genomics. For the complete list, please vist our citations page here.

  1. Identification of tissue-specific, abiotic stress-responsive gene expression patterns in wine grape (Vitis vinifera L.) based on curation and mining of large-scale EST data sets
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  5. An in silico study of the genes for the isoflavonoid pathway enzymes in soybean reveals novel expressed homologues.
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  7. Seed storage protein gene promoters contain conserved DNA motifs in Brassicaceae, Fabaceae and Poaceae.
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  8. MATE Transporters Facilitate Vacuolar Uptake of Epicatechin 3'-O-Glucoside for Proanthocyanidin Biosynthesis in Medicago truncatula and Arabidopsis.
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