DeCypher<sup>®</sup> Product Modules

Core Administration

The Core Administration module includes enhanced functionality and is intended for facilities that service many users and groups and require additional levels of information security and management.

Features of this module include:

  • Individual and Group level account management.
  • Restricted access to database targets and search results by individual user and/or defined groups.
  • Enhanced job queue management capabilities.
  • Per-user usage limitations can be set to limit the number of concurrent and/or sequential jobs submitted by a single user.
  • Usage logging enables tracking of system utilization per job to facilitate system usage analysis and reimbursement accounting.
  • Improved database management including the enablement of user-specific and group-specific databases, and database backup features.

This functionality can be quickly enabled with an updated DeCypher® license file however we recommend you allow additional time for our technical staff to review the details of this package with you before enabling this functionality. Please contact your TimeLogic sales representative for pricing and availability of this module for your DeCypher® system.