DeCypher<sup>®</sup> Product Modules


Accelerated Smith-Waterman

Accuracy is what the Smith-Waterman algorithm is all about. Traditionally, Smith-Waterman has been the gold standard for alignment algorithms because it compares all possible sequence space and delivers the optimal alignment for a given query / target pair. Unfortunately, its computationally intensive nature can make it quite burdensome to work with and as a result, researchers tend towards faster (heuristic) algorithms. Utilizing an accelerated version like our DeCypherSW™ algorithm, which rapidly processes Smith-Waterman searches, can allow you to have the best of both worlds. DeCypherSW™ allows you to utilize data from hundreds of genome projects for sensitive cross-species protein comparisons, and can also help you identify highly specific oligonucleotides for microarray or small RNA experiments. Please contact us today for performance benchmarks so you can assess the benefits of our solution.

DeCypherSW™ advantages:

  • Optimal local alignments can span long introns for genomic data analysis.
  • Accommodates insertion / deletion errors by interleaving alignments across all potential reading frames.
  • Scales easily with near-linear performance improvements.
  • Optimal alignments make it an ideal tool for mapping oligos and short-read sequence data.