DeCypher<sup>®</sup> Biocomputing Platforms

DeCypher® Enterprise Solutions

DeCypher® is a modular biocomputing solution that offers enterprise-level scalability. It combines TimeLogic's proprietary FPGA hardware, optimized software, high-reliability servers, and fast storage & network connectivity into a genomics appliance with excellent reliability, accuracy and throughput.

Flexibillity through Modularity

DeCypher® allows you to focus your research budget on immediate issues. Your system can be configured with the specific algorithm modules and performance level required to address your immediate computing burdens. Striking an optimal balance between genomics functionality and throughput, DeCypher® brings substantial value to your informatics efforts.  And we offer additional flexibility by supporting the Linux, Solaris and Windows Operating Systems.

Built-in 2-Dimensional Scalability


  • The DeCypher® Master node automatically updates target databases across the slave nodes, and manages job submissions across all nodes.
  • DeCypher® Enterprise handles multiple nodes each with multiple SeqCruncher™ cards to deliver thousands of CPU-cores of performance in less than a full server rack!
  • Each DeCypher® node can be configured with a preference rating for specific search types. In a mixed environment where servers have between 1-2 FPGA cards, you may decide to reserve the larger throughput nodes for specific, large-scale search duties.

DeCypher® Includes:

  • J-Series FPGA accelerator hardware (PCIe)
  • Host computer (rackmount server, multi-core CPUs)
  • DeCypher® software (web and command line interfaces, target building utilities, CLI client software)
  • One or more DeCypher® software modules (Tera-BLAST™, DeCypherSW™, DeCypherHMM™, GeneDetective™)
  • Application Support
  • Technical support includes host-server, FPGA cards, and DeCypher software
  • On-site training

Core Administration

The Core Admin module includes enhanced functionality and is intended for facilities that service multiple users and user groups and require additional levels of information security and management.

Training by People Who Understand Your Research

On-site installation and training by bioinformatics professionals helps users and integrators rapidly adopt DeCypher® as the cornerstone of your genomics computing infrastructure.

One of the Longest-Lived Products in Genomics

For over 15 years, life science institutions worldwide have chosen DeCypher® as their optimal solution for high throughput sequence comparison. So whether you rely on Tera-BLAST™ and Smith-Waterman for genome or proteome annotation and SNP mapping, employ Hidden Markov Model Analysis for protein classification, or build gene models to study alternative splicing, DeCypher® brings you results faster.