FPGA-Accelerated Short Read Mapper

TimeLogic announces a new accelerated short read mapper for aligning data from next-generation sequencing systems. VelociMapper® outperforms BWA, Bowtie, SHRiMP, and all other mapping tools.

Contact TimeLogic for free performance benchmark tests.

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DeCypher Software

A variety of useful features are built into our DeCypher software including job queuing and distribution capabilities, cost-recovery accounting, and user & data management features. These allow you to pass along DeCypher's® low cost of operation to your internal customers.

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Core Admin

Tera-BLAST White Paper available

Our FPGA-accelerated Tera-BLAST algorithm is
HUNDREDS of times faster than anything else available.

Contact us for more information or your own performance benchmarks.

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TimeLogic® Product Citations

Our DeCypher product line has been referenced in roughly 190 publications over the past 15 years. Check out our citations page to see how other scientists are using our products.

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DeCypher® FPGA Biocomputing Systems

DeCypher® biocomputing systems accelerate sequence comparison by combining optimized bioinformatics applications with powerful Similarity Search Engine FPGA-accelerator cards. A single DeCypher server can provide the performance equivalent of hundreds of CPU cores.

Using our hardware-optimized versions of BLAST, Smith-Waterman, HMM profile search, and gene finding algorithms, you can run sophisticated high-throughput comparisons that are too large for public resources and too time consuming to run on local CPU clusters. DeCypher offers the best price for performance compared to alternate technologies, including GPU accelerators and cloud computing.

TimeLogic systems provide faster results, better reliability and lower operational costs for annotating novel sequences and assemblies against rapidly expanding genomics data resources.

As a leader in discovery research for over 15 years, TimeLogic systems have been used to annotate some of the earliest sequenced genomes as well as the largest and most ambitious metagenomics efforts. From R&D proof-of-concept to next-gen production pipelines, DeCypher's systems can be scaled and customized to meet any computational burden.

seven cards

Multiple accelerated nodes can be clustered for supercomputer-level performance.

Core Admin Module

The latest DeCypher software release makes available the core admin module. Exciting cost-recovery accounting features can streamline your genomics core by allowing you to pass along DeCypher's low cost of operation to your internal customers.

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